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Dannebrog Rører jeg denne linje, viser jeg at jeg foretrækker dansk sprog. Dannebrog

Main Interest's

Kalundborg Aviation Clubs Janus C, with Link to the club Canon A1

My Main Leisure Interest is outdoor, it gives a wonderful excitement and a feeling of freedom !
Some knowledge about the Weather helps, but you don't need hours of surfing to gather information, an expert listed these sites, which are visited from time to time !

Academic Leasures

Link to Mars Pathfinder
Further knowledge about Mars is available in an easy manner.

As other Academic Leisure's this is one example, another and a third example is found on this site !
Link to Radioastronomy Researchers

Link to the Royal Librarys Mideval handwritings
A study of Danish history , can be done through these links.
Link to Gods and Heros in the Bronze age

Link to the Ørsted Satellite

If the neighborhood around Earth is more interesting, but still viewed from space, try these links.

Another area could be Web-Cams , one example !

The Brain

Live Link to satellites orbiting Earth


Condition as inherited, with Link to Technical Description At least a yearly trip in the steam powered train is a pleasure

The Danish NIMBUS motorcycle represented by the local club DNT , is the governing interest, spare parts and repair services is found here or HERE , you may not believe it, but these motorcycles is known WORLDWIDE !

A couple of Danish clubs is found here and here .

Besides the Nimbus is an elderly CX-500 with a Dutch Tech Page .

Links about House and Gardening

Her second Kitten in the Window with link to a computer pet
The Pet's World includes many strange animals, lost cats are taken care of here in GB , and here in DK , another Cat's link could be this !

In the area Outside the Main Door her second main interest is displayed, it looks nice and is very comfortable when enjoying a beer.
Flourishing Palmlily in her Garden with link to a Danish garden site

Professional Occupation

Statoil's refinery in Kalundborg with Link to Statoil

The job is in the oil refining industry, mainly working with machinery troubleshooting and metallurgical aspects .

The most favored magazine with professional relations is Ingeniøren unfortunately in Danish.

Some links will be i Danish Language, since that is my Language !

You can reach me by E-mail.

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